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Award-Winning Smart WiFi Baby Monitor


There's nothing this baby monitor can't do - Forbes

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iBaby Care M7 Smart Features


Total Baby Care System


Moonlight Soother

Soothe your little one to sleep with the built-in moonlight display that shows moon and star projections on the ceiling. Pair it with the hundreds of pre-loaded lullabies to relax your baby even more.


Motion and Sound Sensors

With iBaby’s smart motion and sound sensors you’ll get a notification straight to your cellphone whenever sound or motion is detected in your baby’s nursery.


Air, Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Know your little one is safe and comfy with our smart sensors. Sensors measure air quality, temperature, and humidity that let you know details about the environment in your baby's room, ensuring safety and well-being.


iBaby Care M7 Videos


iBaby Care M7 - Not just a Monitor.

It is a Baby Care System


Introduction to iBaby Care M7


iBaby Care M7 Easy and

simple installation video

Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Great product, essential for working parents. I bought an iBaby M7 from amazon about 5 months back and it worked very well. However because the power plugs were probably suited for US voltage, it caused my device and socket to be damaged during a thunderstorm in SG. I spoke to the distributor (Trekvue) in SG and they were patient and kind enough to educate me even though I didn’t buy from them. So I bought another iBaby M7 (this time SG approved 3 pin plugs) from them! Thanks Shane!
— Sharon
Product works as advertised. The setup literally takes less than a minute (plug cable from device to phone) and completely tech-geek proof! The video quality is clear and you can set various alerts which is great. Trekvue team was very patient with my questions and prompt in their responses. Great job and thanks for bringing this to SG!
— Alvin
Fantastic customer service. I needed a monitor urgently and even though it was the weekend the staff did everything they could to Ensure I got the monitor promptly. Even when the monitor was faulty they replaced it within the same day. Highly recommended.
— Xu Weiyi
Very quick and easy to install, there are quite a number of functions and I particularly like the large collection of baby lullabies. We have 3 diff monitors in the house and would highly recommend this if you only need 1. Good functions!
— Eugenia N
Amazing product! Cost effective way to peace of mind.
— Justin Tan
Works excellently to keep an eye on our baby when not in the room.
— Revti S.
This product is awesome! Fast delivery, easy installation and I love all the features. Very easy to use!
— Tina

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iBaby Monitors purchased from above retailers comes with 1 year warranty