iBaby monitor’s night vision is not working properly

 If your iBaby monitor’s night vision is not working properly, it may be due to the level of lighting in the environment where the receiving is installed or the amount of power the monitor is receiving. To troubleshoot the night vision, please follow these steps:

1. Please check the lighting of the environment where your iBaby monitor is installed. If there is too much ambient light in the area the night vision may not engage.
2. Make sure your night vision settings are correct by opening the iBabyCare app > Menu > Settings > Display Settings. You will have the option to choose between Auto/ On/ Off, once this is done, please SAVE. You may have to log out, exit your iBabyCare app, and log back in.
3. If a halo effect is being displayed on your iOS or Android device, the iBaby monitor my be pointed at a reflective surface, preventing night vision from activating. Adjust the camera to point away from reflective surfaces.
4. Cover the lens of your iBaby monitor and listen for an audible click, or look for the red infrared (IR) LEDs on the front of you baby monitor that should turn on. If the light do not turn on, the iBaby monitor may not be receiving enough power to turn on the IR lights. Connect the camera to a different power adapter or different power outlet.
5. Finally, please complete a hard reset of the monitor by following these instructions below *SAVE all images/videos before doing a FULL RESET*

Reset Instructions:

1. REMOVE monitor from the iBabyCare app and log out of your account in the iBabyCare app.
Menu>Settings>Delete “iBabyXXXXXXXX” button & Menu>LogOut
2. Unplug iBaby’s power adapter from the wall outlet, or carefully disconnect the iBaby monitor from the power adapter.
Allow at least 10 seconds before plugging the power adapter back into the outlet, or reconnecting the iBaby monitor.
3. Under the USB tab, located at the bottom of your iBaby monitor. Pull tab open, you will then see the USB port and a little black reset button.
Press and HOLD the RESET button for about a minute or until you hear a jingle.

If you are still experiencing the same issues with your monitor, please send an email to our customer support: support@ibabylabs.com with the following information:

Gerald Lam