I have the iBaby Monitor M7 but the temperature & humidity is not showing through the app?

Please make sure that the pins on the bottom of the iBaby Care M7 align exactly with the base of the monitor. Then, do a hard reset of the monitor by following the instructions:

1.Open the app and tap the Menu button (upper left)
2.Select Settings
3.Scroll down and tap the big pink “Delete iBaby” button
4.Log out iBaby Care app
5.Plug the camera into the wall socket
6.Hold the black reset button (underneath the USB tab) for 30-60 seconds until you hear the iBaby ringtone

Once you hear the ringtone log back into the iBaby Care app and follow the original installation instructions provided on our app. If this didn’t help, please d contact our customer support team at (650) 396-2436 (M-F 9-5 PM PST) or at support@ibabylabs.com

Gerald Lam