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  • Night Vision

See your Baby’s Every Move with our Crystal Clear 1080p HD video with night vision

  • Early Childhood Education

Wide variety of audible content including white noises, bedtime stories, lullabies, and songs.

  • Pan & Tilt

See every angle and detail of your baby’s nursery with our 360° Pan and 140° Tilt

  • Air Quality Sensors

Our iBaby Monitors will notify you of fluctuations in your baby’s room temperature, humidity and even TVOC’s.


Total Baby Care System

iBaby Care M7 is our top-rated and award-winning Wi-Fi enabled total baby care system. Created to give parents full peace of mind, the M7 is  jam-packed with smart, easy to use features that make monitoring hassle-free. Enjoy high-security video monitoring, two-way audio, 360° pan and 140° tilt, and a wide variety of early childhood educational content.


Diaper and Feeding Alerts  

Made to make parenting life easier and hassle-free, our new diaper and feeding alerts will send you notifications whenever your baby is due for a diaper change or a feeding.


Smart Sensors and Alerts

Sound and motion sensors send alerts when activated. Users will also receive temperature, humidity, and air quality reports so they will always know their little one is comfortable.

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Moonlight Soother 

Stimulate your baby’s eye and brain development with soothing moon and star projections. The new Moonlight Soother can be paired with lullabies to create a light show just for your little one.

Meet iBaby Care

Our free iOS and Android App allows your iBaby monitor to become fully integrated. With smart features at the palm of your hand, the smart iBaby monitor turns into your assistant and allows you to access alerts, notifications, music, and even a social timeline to let family members in on your baby’s milestones.



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